Starters & Break-Outs

Through my teaching experience so far I have struggled with getting a certain class settled and kept motivated through the two hours and other class talking. So far I have tried to implement starter activities with the quiet group but this ‘morning news’ starter which I started doing with them fizzled out due to a lack of engagement from the students and I have yet to start something new with them.

The lively group however can take a long time to settle in the class which so far  I have tried to take control of but feel that by getting them doing something as they walk in could help them focus since the class is the last of the day (on a Monday) and is after lunch. Keeping this class motivated is also difficult, they drift off task often towards the last 20 minutes of the lesson so thinking of Break-out tasks is a must to avoid wasting that time and to stop low level behaviour issues developing.

I also hope to use these activities to develop the students creative thinking as they have been very linear in their thinking which has not been helping them in their projects. This should also help the students see relevance in the activities as many have the attitude that if it is not clearly relevant to them or the course then they do not want to do it.

So far ideas considered have included:

  • Quick draw activities
  • Sketch journal
  • Puzzles to solve (best targeted towards maths and English)
  • Word association
  • Pictionary
  • Perfect Monster drawing game
  • Describe your partner in images
  • Paired drawing – describing something to a partner who has to then draw it.
  • Chindogu – useless inventions
  • Paperclip uses.
  • What’s in the box.
  • Animal jumble

Until I try some of these however I will not know how the students react to them so it will be a case of trial and error, like the morning news idea.


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