Marking Part 2

So I’ve had some more marking experience (work still needs to be second marked so I can’t comment on that yet) but while marking this next group which included students I more regularly teach I began noticing a pattern with work which was missing or not quite up to the standard expected.

This then began to make me worry that I had missed something while teaching these students, that I perhaps have not be as rigorous with them as the work was not what I expected. I know that I have spoken to these students, and have a tracker to prove what work has been done and I know that these students were struggling with these elements which have let them down but  I am sure I have spoken to them about it so it really made me wonder if I have been teaching affectively.

Knowing that I have given students smart targets, post-it notes with work to do and suggestions for their work also makes me think ’you can obviously only help them so much, if they choose not to do the work then that is their choice’ but then I think why did they not do the work? Is there anything more I can be doing to help them?

I feel if I was in a secondary school there are probably more things you could do to keep them for not doing work (or am I being naive in thinking detentions for not doing enough work still exist in schools?) but then I feel would this simply work? Is all these students need is the extra time?

Obviously seeing the pattern in hindsight is good as mentioned in my last marking post it will allow me to see with the next unit (or if this unit was run next year) where issues might arise allowing me to plan ahead for these stumbling blocks the students seem to have.


Until the work is second marked and the feedback is given to the student it will be unclear on why the student did not achieve (or even if I was valid in my marking) so it is hard to tell what else can be done, it is just worrying to think that I could be my fault that the students have not achieved well when I think I’ve been trying to do my best.


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