Gagne’s Theory class training

This week was what I felt was a continual lesson from the previous week which I unfortunately missed so I felt throughout that I was missing information that was needed to fully understand.

I did however find the class useful with the upcoming essay as it was a useful base of information to allow us to research further although I would have liked perhaps more detail or at least context relating to the previous week as I have had to research the other theories to help understand this theory further as many are linked and based off of each other.


I have also noticed a change of pace to the lessons since our usual tutor is not in and feel although I am enjoying the discussions that spring up I feel that sometimes we do not get enough out of them and that tangents are gone down. I felt that sometimes there would be more done with our typical tutor and am trying to figure out why this is the case as it could help me understand about the affects of changing teachers and even different strategies as there is obviously something this teacher is doing differently.


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