A Week Off Sick

So I’ve just spent the past week off ill and it wasn’t nice. Although too ill to think about work as I started to get better I did start to worry about the time I had just had off. I have just had my first day back in at PGCE (I have yet to teach after having the time off) and I am now really concerned about getting the work done.  I was surprised at how lost and behind I felt with only missing that one lesson but it was more the days off from doing work that I missed.

This course I knew would be full on but just having those extra few days off (I typically don’t get much work done on Mondays –my full teaching day- and Saturday/Sunday where I work in a shop so really I only had three/four days not doing anything) but that is a massive amount of time in this short course and now I hope the pressure of having to get these two assignments done in two weeks, teach and work doesn’t end up being too much to handle. Working even means I don’t really get that week off for Christmas either which isn’t helping the stress levels (working the week up to Christmas including Christmas Eve and Boxing Day) but I guess I just have to deal with these next two weeks and then it’s over for a bit.

I’ll enjoy my Christmas after Christmas…


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