Activity Makes the Class Run Better

Last Monday I had an observation and it could have gone a lot better, the students were really rowdy and would not keep to task, they got little done in the session and it was s big waste of two hours. They were however doing Risk Assessments and Health and Safety of the workroom… not the most interesting of subjects and since this task was sprung on me as something they had to do that lesson I had not planned for it so a whole heap of things just went wrong and that old saying which our tutor is fond of saying came true ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’.

Anyway my thoughts on the class were that I should have got the students working together with me to do the risk assessments, worked as a larger group to 1. Keep them on task and 2. Actually get the damn thing done but alas I didn’t and it all went to pot and I would rather not dwell on it here.

This week however the class were being practical, working with fabric manipulations and though many were apprehensive about using sewing machines and hot wax they were angels!! The class was split into two groups due to the number supplies and although not split how I would have split them (making sure the two trouble makers were in different groups) it was like a whole different class. Okay so soon they need to sit and annotate their samples but this class really hit home how activity in the class is the best way to get certain levels of student (in this case low achieving level 3 BTEC students) working.

Learning by doing is after-all considered one of the seven factors that underpin successful learning (Race, 2010).



  • Race, P. (2010) Making Learning Happen: A Guide for Post-Compulsory Education. Second Edition. London: Sage Publishing



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