First Class after Half Term

Monday morning s are always hard, even harder after a week off so having a lesson to do while trying out new technologies was always going to be daunting. I was nervous about doing this class because of the new technologies as I was worried about showing the students things and then for them not to work correctly as I don’t have the most confidence with MAC’s or had ever tried this before but I thought the technology aspect went alright in the end.

In the class today I tried out a new remote for the smart board which worked really well and allowed me to move around the class more rather than be linked to the computer which was well worth the investment however my concerns were that it might not work with the MACs. It would have been an inconvenience if it hadn’t worked but it wouldn’t have been the end of the world as I would have had to make do without like I had already.

I also set up a Kahoot quiz for the students which also went down well, one issue was that the computers hindered the students view to the questions however I did wonder if this was going to be an issue so made sure the questions had enough time on them for me to read out the possible answers. The quiz featured two examples which all the students should have known and most did do really well so had remembered what was covered before half term, so the Kahoot was a good form of assessment. The discussions with the questions again did falter with the students not speaking out so I need to really tackle this aspect of students sharing their opinions, I really hope that once we have moved and the class is more together around a table then they speak out more as the group will be able to develop more group discussions that way easier.

The big issue for this class was introducing the class to One Note and getting the students using the Class note book that I set up for them. I did ask them to save work to the class notebook and although I did see at least one student using one note nothing was saved to the class notebook so it could be that she was using her personal notebook. This was something I had asked the students to be aware of due to their issues with saving (the student who was using it was one of those that had particular issues) however I would like to see them using it more so I’ll be sure to bring it up with them again. Some students said they had issues with their email so they have been advised to seek IT as this should not be a problem at this stage in the year. Obviously this form of saving will not suit everyone, especially as some students write straight into their books but for those that do type I want to get them to try it so I feel I should set them a task for them to have to upload something.

The rest of the class ran smoothly with the students working on their own projects and research, I am however beginning to find it difficult when it comes to discussing work with some students as there hasn’t been as much progress as there should so I feel I am repeating myself with telling them what they need to be doing. I am going through SMART target setting with another group so I think going through this with my morning group would also be beneficial to have better tracking of what the students are doing and to see who should be progressing faster than they should.


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