One day, Three Lessons, Two Observations

Mondays are my busy day and this Monday was no different.  I have three, two hour lessons with Level 3 year 1 students, 2 of which I am slowly taking over for them to become my classes and this week those two classes were observed!

Observations we are told do not need to be scary, we are only weeks into our training so there are bound to be elements that we are lacking and or don’t even know yet so these early observations are critical in helping push us along the right path. For me I was a little nervous to begin with just because it was the first time I had been ‘watched’ and I felt that these classes were the first where I would be really alone in teaching however, the classes went alright without any major disruptions so I had nothing to worry about really.

The observations helped me notice where I was lacking and also brought to light ways to take advantage of opportunities in teaching. I realised that most of the time it was simply that, I lacked the information to know what I was doing or I lacked the knowledge that what I was doing was right… if any of that made sense to you?

Basically where I had failed to fill in a lesson plan I never realised that when discussing with students what they had achieved today or the symmetry in a face for example actually does cover ‘assessment’ and ‘numeracy’ two key areas observers look out for. Areas I was lacking such as embedding equality and diversity I’ve never even heard of before so I was naturally clueless on the whole process and although worried about not including this had to accept that it wasn’t something we had yet covered so there was no need to be too hung up on trying to do something that you don’t know how do to.



One part of the observation process is reflecting on the lesson and what your observer has discussed with you and I generally find reflecting easy however we have to think about reflecting with links to theory for these reflections and that is where I have struggled so far. It is still early in the course after all  but I already feel I am mountains behind in my reading and doing these reflections made me realise this a little more (and made me panic, brought on a massive feeling of being overwhelmed which brought on a crippling migraine). I realised in the reflections that yes I have these areas I need to improve, yes I know I need to do research to improve but I haven’t yet done the research so how could I mention this?

I hope the next reflection is where you can show all this progress better as by then I should be able to mention what I have changed from the last lesson and how I have changed it by (typically) reading such and such book or I so guess.

We have a minimum of nine observations to undergo before we complete the course so I’m sure I’ll get the hang of things…hopefully.


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