Behaviour Management class training

This session on classroom behaviour/Management was very informative. I thankfully have not had many issues with bad behaviour so far other than abuse of the mobile phone policy so it was good to at least learn the correct methods and some of the theory involved for if things do escalate with a student/class.

In the session we only touched on the issue of motivation and I would have liked to have covered more as I believe this is the largest challenge I face with my students however we have been given references for suitable reading on the subject.

I understand that motivations for students can be very intrinsic and that a large part of motivating a student will be to find what motivates them so I feel I should attempt to find out if my students have intrinsic/extrinsic motivations and play with those.


From this session I have also come to understand how important it is to know your students even more than before. We know it is important but even having a simple class profile detailing which students may have extra behavioural issues and how to deal with those issues I have realised could help avoid many of the escalated issues (Secondary Behaviour). 

I was also interested to see how learning styles and lesson planning can affect classroom behaviour. I have already witnessed how students can become distracted when a lesson is long and the activities are either nonexistent or repetitive so I feel Dales Cone of Learning is something to be aware of to avoid bad behaviour due to boredom.


I feel that as a new teacher, with a new class that behaviour is something that would need to be targeted right away due to everything being new(and my feeling that teacher/student relationships can help behaviour issues) and can understand now how you get the ‘substitute teacher’ effect where students play up to a substitute due to not having these relationships in place. However I have also come to notice that it can be the teacher too that ‘firm but fair’ attitude and teacher confidence can also ripple the through to the class. I have been told Bill Rodgers is an author to read into further on this issue and idea.  



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