Blooms Taxonomy

In this week’s learning we covered Lesson Planning which included Learning Objectives, something that actually came just at the right time as learning objectives were something that I and my observer noticed were lacking in my first solo lesson and something that I need to improve on for this coming Monday.

Blooms Taxonomy is a hierarchy of needs which are designed to help teachers develop tasks for students to achieve the needs identified on the diagram. Looking through it I can see how it can help as to achieve a qualification students need to show these skills and often the higher the skill the higher the grade/level of qualification. We were also given a breakdown of the terms which had useful verbs to help us translate the needs into objectives and using this breakdown has helped me work through the lesson aims and objectives as I realised that these needs are naturally achieved in certain aspects of learning and my struggles came with using the correct terminology or identifying that it all linked together.

Image result for bloom's taxonomy

I still feel I need to work on developing my aims and objectives as I feel I am still too general or expect too much from my learners so thinking about these needs and the breakdowns will help me also break down my objectives.

Thinking about how these needs can be met and how we can assess learning is also something to consider as if I think ‘how do I know that… has been achieved’ then I can plan more practically and be more SMART with my target setting.



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