First Class Revisited

Today I received the feedback from the teacher who was sat in the room with me during my first lead class.

As I expected the teacher picked up on the lack of learning objectives however we have just had a lesson on ‘Lesson Planning’ which included creating learning objectives (blog post to follow soon) so I feel I can get on top of this and that it was obviously a valid point to bring up.

The feedback also mentioned the issues I had with technology and suggested a backup plan for if I have issues with Power Point again. I should perhaps have the information saved to my drive at the university, email it to myself or have the most important information in a simple word document which should be easier to open via a MAC.

One point that was picked up was about having the students focus on me as they set up their computers. It was not something I was aware of and now that it was mentioned I do feel that I did talk over the students as they logged on and settled, meaning that they were possibly not paying attention to their full amount. For future lessons I will be sure to get the students settled then get them focused on me and the task at hand, introducing the lesson properly.

The teacher who was sat with me however praised my one-to-ones with the students which has reassured me in my approach to my supporting role to the students. I was always unsure how to conduct one-to-ones and almost worked instinctively, remembering from my own studies what I liked from tutors, to know that the way I am currently working is good is encouraging.

Obviously this was just an informal observation but to have a teacher who has been teaching for several years give me a ‘well done’ and praise that this was a big ask (directing a class after two weeks of shadowing and with four days notice) has settled my nerves. I do have a long way to go in my studies, but I now feel a little more sure of myself, that I can do this and that I do have it in me to be teacher.


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