Reflection on Safeguarding Young People

Safeguarding Young People Level 2, CPD training Via EduCare


Completing the EduCare Safeguarding Young People training was more of a formality rather than a necessity. We had been given a safeguarding talk which covered the GIFHE policies and I had already covered neglect, bullying, prevent, child protection etc in EduCare training so this training was everything that had already been covered before. Due to this repetition my notes are not very extensive as I have already taken notes which cover this subject. 

What I did find interesting however is how this training focused on ‘young adults’ where some of the other training did seem to lean towards young children so it was useful to have the added information on risks for young adults and a more detailed walk though on what to do if you have concerns.

Another part of this training was that I noticed there are 15 pieces of legislation and guidance in accordance with safeguarding and although it is not our role to know it all I can see how issues could arise. I was surprised there were so many and I had thought that the government had made it easier to understand, condensing old legislations but obviously not.


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