Reflection on Child Protection in Education

Child Protection in Education Level 2, CPD training Via EduCare


The Child Protection Training actually covered a lot of the same information as seen in the Prevent Duty, Child Exploitation, Neglect and Bullying courses so I was already familiar with a great deal of the content.

This did have its downside however as I then tended to skim read those familiar sections and I found myself going back to certain parts that I had missed because I assumed I knew the information already. This has highlighted to me the importance of not repeating oneself with these online courses and is something to be aware of if I create a SOLA course for students. I don’t want them skim reading over information already covered as they would not fully engage with the information, they might miss parts out and I’m sure they would feel it as a big waste of their time. To avoid this I’ll have to avoid repeating any information they have to read, I feel if they have received this information before but in another format this would be okay as people learn differently but to seriously avoid full repetition.


Due to the information being repetitive my notes are much shorter than those given and compared to the information covered however there was new information such as the stages of child development, and some of the facts given which I found were more up-to-date than previous facts given. Some of this information is not particularly necessary for the level of student I will be teaching but I feel it is best to be over-prepared and you can never know too much.


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