Reflection on Child Neglect

Child Neglect Level 2. CPD training Via EduCare


The Child Neglect Course felt like one of the longer ones, the information was very overwhelming and although I still completed the online part quickly, taking these notes (as I find it helps me retain the information better by working this way) took longer as there was a lot of information to work though.

Going though the information again however highlighted how difficult Child Neglect can be to notice. You would think it would be easy but I was surprised at what can be classed as neglect especially when dealing with older children. Before the training I did feel that child neglect was something more concerned with primary aged children but the fact that roughly 15 out of 161 children who suffered a serious injury through neglect were over 16 is something that effects me as a trainee teacher as I will have students of that age.

In regards to older children and young adults I never even knew about ‘commission’ and that it can be neglect to not do something to help your teenager prepare for life or to burden them with too much. I believe this overburden, especially of taking care of younger siblings, is something to keep to-mind; considering the area we live in and some of the backgrounds the local children come from I believe this could be an issue most likely to come up. This issue I believe is something that you would become aware of through getting to know your students, are they late because they have to take siblings to school, do they have to leave early for the same reason etc.


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