Reflection on Child Exploitation & Online Safety

Child Exploitation & Online Safety CPD training, Via EduCare


This training was very enlightening and like with previous training through EduCare I found that the statistics were the most shocking part of the information given.

It is easy to be aware of these issues; they are often covered in the media but the extent of the issue is never really disclosed.

There was a lot of information within this particular course, which is probably why I took so many notes as it is a little hard to know what information is stuff we would really need to know. Although, it is more likely, that I kept the information purely because I found it interesting.

I do however feel that with some of this training it was covered in other areas, which I assume shows the crossovers of particular areas on child welfare as a whole.  

I also believe like with the bullying and prevent courses certain elements like the actual detecting of exploitation could be difficult to practice in real life.

Protecting children again I feel is difficult and a lot resides with educating them and with their home life. As teaching practitioners I feel our main role would be to be vigilant and to educate where necessary. 

Since most of this training has disclosed that those affected tend to be out of the age range I will be in contact with it would be easy to dismiss most of this information however I could be around vulnerable adults and this could still be very relevant.


In the future I could also be placed in a school for this age, and although I would probably need to re-sit this training (I am aware these courses change as legislation changes) it is beneficial to have this knowledge already in place.


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