Timetabling & Registers class training

The discussion about timetabling and registers came as a surprise to me as I never knew so much went into them, or at least never really thought about it.

I felt that a great deal of the information we were told went above what will be required from us as trainee teachers but I like having that context. Some of the context did go over my head slightly as it all got a little complicated with curriculum mixes but I think until you are in that situation it will always seem slightly boggling how timetables are formulated.

Being told to ‘fill in your registers at all costs’ is different to being told ‘fill in your registers at all costs because’ and I feel that I am fully aware of and appreciate the immediate and long-term consequences of not filling in registers.

I feel with registers, like other administrative tasks, getting into the habit of doing it, and doing it correctly is the best practice to follow.


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