Reflection on The Prevent Duty

The Prevent Duty Level 2, CPD training Via EduCare


The Prevent Duty was not something I was previously aware off so this training came as a surprise as I never really thought about ‘radicalisation’ and that it can be in the schools domain to spot it. You hear about young people leaving the UK to go off, especially young girls, but it always made me wonder how they could possibly think that was better than their life here.

This course has opened my eyes on how this is possible and although I feel it would be extremely difficult to really spot a child or young adult going through this I feel I am now better prepared.


This was my first EduCare course that I have completed and I quite enjoyed the structure of it. I liked how there was not too much information on each page and that you can take the time you need to read the information. Being able to fill in the questionnaire at your own pace without a time constraint was also nice as I find time contraints stressful, even though I am a fast reader.

I think the layout of the EduCare courses could be used as a good example for if I wanted to create something like this for my students as these courses remind me of what I have been taught about SOLA courses.


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