Reflection on Preventing Bullying

Preventing Bullying Level 2, CPD training Via EduCare


The Bullying Training was much more extensive than I thought it would be. I did not realise there was so much to bullying.

Bullying is one of those things that unfortunately is a part of life but like the training mentioned it shouldn’t be. I feel that in regards to bullying it is about teaching children how to deal with bullies and trying to discourage the bullying behaviour. I was raised to always ignore the bullies and thankfully never had major issues with them as I was a confident person but I have realised that I did have that attitude that ‘it’s a part of life, deal with it, get over it’ so this training has made me think about bullying more sensitively.

I was quite shocked at some of the statistics, especially about SEN children being bullied as I had hoped in society today we understand and respect SEN more. So it has opened my eyes to being aware of this more.

In today’s society the cyber-bullying is probably the biggest concern and is something I feel I am more likely to come across with the level of students I will come in contact with. It is hard to police in a school setting as it is easier to hide but perhaps making sure students are aware of it is the best way. The short drama Cyber-Bully (channel 4) comes to mind as this was a wonderful documentary which covered quite a lot about bullying including the ‘outsider’ bully – which again was not something I was aware of and could be something to show a class (especially as it focused on teenagers).

I feel the outsider bully is again something that could crop-up more frequently in my area of teaching, just due to the nature of it. I myself am guilty of it from my secondary school days – something I was completely unaware of.

Teasing becoming bullying is another area which I believe I will need to keep an eye out for, the creative industries attract girls in particular and girls can be very mean to each other, claiming its just teasing. If this does happen I now feel more knowledgeable on what do to and how to spot the difference as before this training I don’t think I would have really noticed.  

I feel much more prepared now to tackle bullying and bullying behaviour and feel I have the knowledge on what to do if I encounter it.


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