Pro-Monitor/Pro-Portal class training

Today’s lecture on understanding Pro-Monitor was very insightful. I have never experienced anything like this software before and I know that I would have been completely daunted by it. I still feel that it is alien technology but once I am able to play with the dummy student I feel my worries should be removed (currently waiting for HE to be added to the pro-monitor system).

I can see why this kind of system is useful as it allows for full, universal records to be kept about students. If used, and used correctly then if there are any issues regarding students there is a full record to back up/check up to look into the matter. The own student is also reassured that there is this record which should also discourage unacceptable behaviour.

I feel that it could be easy to fall behind with filling in student information so it is important to set good practices early. It might be a case of learning what works best for yourself when it comes to using pro-monitor


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